10 October 2012

Grrrr! Part 2

Okay I am throwing my hands up in defeat for the night! LOL Darn Background wins!

Had to get yet another medication for the pain... they gave me Toradol yesterday, I took 1 at 9pm.. I am still feeling it! OMG it was horrible!
I got up at 7 am to let the dogs out and it felt like I was walking on a moving floor....and I'd been out all night drinking! Uff Da!

I laid back down and It was like the bed was moving, I couldn't see right. I finally got up to stay at 9 and had a dish of spaghetti (I know WOW what a breakfast right) No better! Well, pain was tolerable, but I couldn't handle how I was feeling.

Well here it is 5 pm and I finally get a replacement drug... never heard of this one before either so I am waiting for bedtime to take it.....Norco? Hummm

MRI of my neck is now pending work comp approval, should hear tomorrow I hope. Not sure how my neck effects my arm, but I am not a doctor!

Good thing since my QRC called and told me the Cervical MRI is pending.. I thought it was for a bit lower! LOL

Today I got a new wide screen monitor... WOW! My FIL bought a new one that has speakers built in so I got his old one IT"S HUGE! My other one was the size of a sheet of paper, this one is like 2 and half sheets! LOL

Can't wait to skype with MJ tonight on it! :)

hee hee I like my new signature! 

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  1. Goodness Vikki....I sure hope you feel better soon and things get worked out with your background. Gotta love technology sometimes. Your signature is simply adorable! :)


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