27 January 2013

A bit early..

Thought I'd get my February Background and Header on. My internet is so temperamental .it only took 3 hours to get it to load.

Well get this ..talk about false advertising ...Dish network has a commercial on TV that their internet is available EVERYWHERE...well it's not here.

I couldn't believe I can have their TV service but not internet, that just boggles my mind.

I am using Virgin Mobile Broad band... it is unlimited for $40 a month, but I can not watch any tutorial videos, can not Skype with my grand son, major issues opening blogs with slide shows on the side bar.

Oh well ... I have a workshop Saturday, first one I got for SAB (surprised me!) Serious sign of how bad the economy really is huh!

I'll get the projects posted in a few minutes (well it could be hours LOL)

New signature too!

1 comment:

  1. Yeah, Direct TV told me the same thing. Well... I could have internet but it wouldn't be any faster than my dial-up. That's why I went with Hughes Net. Hate their customer service, but LOVE my connection in the boonies :-)


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