03 August 2013

Growth Chart

This growth chart has been in our home(s) since May 15, 1991

That just made me feel old!!

Andy was 22 months old when I first measured him and he was 33 3/4" tall 

MJ is 20 months old and he is 34 1/8" tall. 

I made this back when I sold Tri Chem, wonder if i can wash it without losing anything.


  1. Join the crowd, my dd is 21 and jet setting across the country. If that doesn't make you fell old then nothing will. Good to know she still needs her Momma and called several times.

  2. So nice you have this. Wonderful memories!

  3. they grow incredibly fast don't they. it amazes me how a child can make you feel old. even when they're not yours . a GF of mine's son i have known since he was 6months old is now in his 20's. he makes me feel old . not me , not his momma, the fact that he is 20+

  4. Hey lady! Hmmm I don't know about washing the TriChem Goodness, I've not heard the product mentioned in years. If it is heat set, you should be able to but don't quote me. :-)


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