27 August 2013

Leave it to Tommy

This cat never ceases to crack me up!

This  photo is so disturbing!

So I had to go  take another to show he doesn't have a knife through his skull!

Another to show how  hard he is resting against ti! LOL

I stuck this knife in between some boards on the deck. It's just a junk one for garden stuff. Tommy was laying on the rail enjoying the cooler evening air and getting petted as each person walked by him.

I had gone back out for some reason (no clue why with this heat) and this is how he was laying.

He had spent most of the hot day in the kitchen laying upside side looking so dead. Poor guy!


  1. Hi Vikki! He is a pretty kitty, even though he likes to cuddle up to a knife. :) It is hot here, too!

  2. Cats really love to live dangerously and that's why I love 'em :D


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