13 January 2014


Well the has been more drama and chaos in my world then I'd like there to be! Do not read this if venting offends you.

Back when it got cold, say Octish we turned on the space heaters for a few days while waiting for the propane so we could turn on the furnace.
Well the propane guy come out did some pressure test and said, no way, there's  a leak somewhere and I'd bet it's your water heater,
So I make some calls and it must get replaced, okay.....
I applied for assistance in replacing it, qualified..YAY
well they said i am qualified for the whole weatherization package. new under belly, skirting, wherever is needed to ensure the house isn't losing heat.
Well he is doing all the checking stuff over and sees a blocking/footing under the trailer is leaning, so now its all on hold until we can reblock the house. In the Spring! Nice...

The man was going to see if they would be able to do just the water heater and do the rest after we do the blocking. It took 2 weeks for an answer..yes, now to wait for a few bids on that and they would get it down so I could have heat.

Its not like I am dealing with ppl not in Minnesota they know its cold, and exactly what I have going on here, this all started int eh first part of November.

So Here is is January and we are still heating with space heaters, I about died when I got the electric bill. Well they will help with that as well, but not until I have a shut off notice....ugh!

So all this time, no propane, means no heat and no hot water, so I go and buy a 30 cup coffee pot, works well enough. Then the water froze, well with not heating the house I guess what else was it gonna do, We still have water outside at the hydrant. So we bring in 5 gallon buckets for what needs to done. Trips to the laundry mat, ugh but at least I can use their WiFi.

The the sewer froze..Oh Good Lord! buy a torpedo heater put it under the house, but with the temperatures so below zero it was just wasting fuel and electricity.

Got the water going on Friday.....YAY
Then the sewer on Saturday....AWESOME
Called this morning about the water heater status...... someone will have to call you back.
OMG are you kidding me?

Now for the family drama, son moved in in August, got a job, had intentions of having enough money to get his stuff up here from MO and finding his own place and his own car.
I drive him to work, 12 miles East of home, then myself to work, 22 miles West of home. He has to be to work early, some days up to 6 hours early so I get to work on time. I work 8 hours sometimes longer. He gets told he can leave early ( not an option he can decline) so he sits some more waiting.

I told him he needed to contribute to the household expenses. His response I pay the car insure that went up adding me (only pays what it went up) and puts gas in the car, I spent over an hour (headache soon followed) explaining or at least trying to that i meant, Mortgage, lights, food, that was household stuff. He went on about wanting his own place. UGH

Stepson, has same mental health stuff as husband. Ok they see the same shrink, meds are way different, but he won't take them, if he doesn't have instant results he says they don't work. He has his mother totally beside herself. he doesn't want to be here (claims I don't like him) can't be at mom,s he has severe anger issues, that I never see, ut I know...he is his fathers son. this is hereditary, I have been very involved with the shrink. I may need her couch soon! LOL

Husband, well they have changed a few meds since Dec and he has changed some, nut he is so medicated he is like a zombie most days. He si so "I don't know, I don't care or I don't know how"
He used to build computers he was an awesome mechanic. Was a great carpenter, Total handyman!

Well now that I think I have dumped all i can for now I am off to go see if I qualify for food stamps. My job sucks in the pay department!


  1. you sure been having it rough all right. anytime you need to vent im here with lots of hugs to make ya feel better even if i cant fix it for you
    lotsa hugs


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