26 February 2012

Tommy won't share!

Joker was sleeping on this table, he got down to follow me out of the room. Tommy jumped up there and went to s leep. Joker stood on the floor starting at him, he'd whine every once in a while with no reaction from Tommy. After a half hour he jumped up on the table too. Tommy looked up at him, mostly just to see what moved the table. He went right back to sleep.
As you can see, my craft table is right next o this one...see my Crop-A-Dile. I reached over and touched Tommy, when he looked at me I told him Joker wanted some room to lay down... not that I expect my critters to understand me LOL He moved! only a little bit, but he moved! 
Joker kept touching him with his nose... like poking him. 
They are my entertainment!

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