25 December 2012

Another day in Minnesota

The moment he realized this chair rocked he thought it was a great toy! He likes it even more when Wilbur is sleeping in the chair! They dig their claws into the back of the chair and just let him rock them...wildly! 

It's hilarious to watch MJ try to crawl across the water bed! Especially when Cheyenne moves!

Julia was able to come spend a day with Mia, I hadn't noticed how big she was getting till I saw a pic of Julia holding her back in October. 

Papa should have read the paper when it came in the house! LOL
Since I don't touch that stuff I just let him have it! If Mommy or Papa  wanted different they were gonna deal with it! Oh did MJ love that paper! He'd fling a page this way, then go over to it and fling it the other way! UGH his fingers got so icky black! He left finger prints on the table even.

Tommy almost looks like he has a smile on his face! 
Mia was playing with MJ and she'd hide in the bag, then when he crawls by she runs out  like she's gonna get him.....he giggles such a cute giggle!

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