23 December 2012

First Day In Minnesota

At noon we were going to Grama Judy and Leon's house

 We went over to Grama Judy and Leon's for a brief visit.

Uncle Joe brought in his big RC toy from the car to warm up so we could play! By the time we got back from Grama Judy's and then Wal Mart... it was late and all that matter was supper and bedtime!

I had gotten little lawn chairs from Mikey when he got too big for them,so I brought  1 in and warmed it up so MJ could sit to eat. 
At first I thought Mia was being naughty so I got up to go watch her with the spray bottle in hand! He was giggling and talking to her, I thought he was upset.  She kept reaching over the table and touching his head.Then he found the scrap books! He was talking away and Mia seemed to be looking over his shoulder.

I actually bought a real tree for this year. Everyone said I needed to decorate for MJ. Like he even cares at a year old! Ha Ha

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  1. OMG!! he is so dang adorable!! WALKING??? WALKING???? i cant believe how fast he has grown!! Give him a big hug from his Cyber Auntie, LOL.......


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