15 February 2010

My Room Feb 2010

These are my punches, they hang on the door in a shoe organizer. I need a bigger one!

West side work area. That table is where I work the most. the sun really bothers my eyes at a certain time and then I have to go somewhere else. Clint says I should re-arrange and put the desk in front of that window. I am always complaining about my view and the sun! LOL I keep clearing a bit more of the woods to make my view more pleasant. and I can sit some place else when the sun is there.
I have even seen a Pileated Wood Pecker out this window! He was beautiful!

This is the West corner. My scrap books under construction are under that table. the sewing cabinet to the right has all of my 12 x1 2full sheets in the bottom drawer, ribbon in the middle and baggies in the top. The Big Shot and large paper cutter are on top

These are 2 of the book cases I got from Clint's dad. In the far right hand corner is an old Stereo.. record player and even an 8 Track. It works too! for me now it just makes a good shelf! That rocker belongs to my youngest son, Andy. He has a serious fetish for chairs! Now since he is living in MO teh fur babies fight over who gets to lay in it while I stamp.

This is my desk, the computer and Cricut are on top. Under neath are 2 drawer units, the one on the left is adhesives & scissors (rulers & other MISC) the right one is all scraps! :(

Just in the door on the East side.. the 3rd book case; all of the patterns, techniques, examples and other books are on there. The peg board hangs in front of the closet doorway (so we can still get in there) All of my stickles and glitters, and refills are in the baskets.

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