14 March 2012

Some of my toys

I started out collecting miniature tea sets in 1984, then it became an addiction to anything mini. 
The construction set came first, then Ford Trucks. I have a bunch of Micro Machine Mustang cars too.
Yes, I am a girl! An old boyfriend had gone Christmas shopping with some buddies and he picked up little micro Machine cars when you press down the head lights come on! His friends thought he'd lost his marbles getting such a gift for a girl.. I was thrilled! The lights still work and it's been over 20 years! 

My FIL made this shelf for my tea sets, but I have waaaaaay too many of them for this shelf! It is made with the window slats from his old camper. 

I bought this one kinda out of spite! LOL My Best bub was huge into Chevy,  and he talked about Farmall Tractors. When I saw this at Toys R Us i had to get it!

These are kinda large, about an 1 1/2" long

This is my favorite truck. The doors open and the tail gate too. My boys wood bring me little agates, I have way more than a truck full. But I keep the truck full.

These little guys aren't even as big as a quarter. All the parts move. 

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