04 March 2012

You can learn something new every day!

Here are 10 reasons crafting is good for your mental health:
1. Crafting focuses our minds on a productive activity.
2. Crafting allows  our stressful energy to be released through our hands in creative ways.
3. Crafting provides  an outlet for creative problem solving, which creates the  flexibility that is an essential element of stress  reduction
4. Crafting, like any  focused activity, creates a mild trance state which is highly conducive to relaxation and letting go of  stress.
5. Crafting gives us  time in our busy lives in which we can reconnect with ourselves.
6. Crafting is fun; and fun  things reduce  stress.
7. Crafting creates  a time in which we are free from worries (about time, money,  relationships, and the many other things we tend to worry about).
8. Crafting keeps us  productive and when we’re productive we stress less.
9. Crafting is a great get-a-way without having to go  anywhere.
10. Crafting is something we can do for ourselves (a self-care activity), and doing for ourselves (self-care activities) reduces  stress.
So, the next time the stress becomes overwhelming, consider skipping the beer and chocolate, and reaching for the knitting instead!

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