27 November 2012

Well it's a bit early, but

I updated and prettied my blog for December. I did My Facebook wall too! Although for that I did a snowy scene

Checking out Christmas Cards for the CCC12 Challenge, only 3 days left for November!

Got 2013 Challenge up and started, ppl are already signed up and 1 lady already posted her cards for January 2013!

No it wasn't my sister Raye Lynn for a change! LOL

Well I must run off and pick up little Mia from the Vet. She had to get fixed since I have her brothers here, and Julia might not be too happy if her baby has babies while I am babysitting! LOL

Done in MDS of course! Isn't she just a doll?! 

1 comment:

  1. LOVE the new look! beautiful!
    amd Mia kitty is adorable.....looks like she's saying "talk to the paw"!


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