20 May 2009

WOW! What a day!

I had a great turn out for my class today!
A wonderful (fun & talented) group of ladies came down (about a 3 hour drive) to Pin City to stay in the retreat and do some cards with me!

They had brought with them a project from one of their group meetings ( A shoebox card making stuff) They had some really neat things in there!
I have to try hard to remember them so I can recreate them!

Bonnie had purchased this kit at a convention she was at.. Chip Board with shaped holes in it to use with Cuttle Bug Folders.. they leave a un-embossed area! Man were they cool! I really gotta figure those out! I think Marni might get into those! (hint hint Marni!)

Sue seemed to enjoy teaching Crystal a few more things with the Cuttle Bug! Just so she doesn't want me to buy one of those next! LOL

Now for my trip home.... the drama begins here!

I took Crystal home and I was about 1 mile from my house and the control bar that holds the tranny up... broke off the car! So my tranny is dragging and the motor is tilted! GREAT!
I can't shift into nuetral or even park, on a hill no less!

Well the car is now at Jays hopefully being welded. Not sure how I feel about that, the gas tank is held in with a ratchet strap. Gee I have a zippy tie holding my blinkers in on the front, duct tape where the back wing window was.

Anything else???????

Oh! I did buy something today that I can play with later that might give me pleasure... Black Stickles! Odd color for stickles I had to get it! LOL

1 comment:

  1. I really like black stickles myself, they're great! Hope you have fun with yours while you wait for the car to be fixed.


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