09 May 2009

It's time for Challenge#2.

Leona posted a picture of lips to inspire us!
Oddly that same day I had a discussion of "lips" with my bf...
I had been given tulip bulbs last fall and I'd never had Tulips before so I am excited that they are growing.
Well I mentioned to Clint how cute they were and how I'd never had any before.. he says "You big fibber! Yes you have!.. you have my two lips every day!"
OMG What a snot!!
Well Leona's picture of Lips cracked me up!
But to be even funnier.. I showed him Leona's pic and asked him what was the first thing that came to mind... he says "Donuts with sprnkles!"

Leona~ "As the Dorks already know - I have added yet another thing to my busy schedule - I have become an Avon consultant. So, while I was working on my advertisment type of thing I needed to find an image that would be a fun clickable icon to my Avon website. Well the image I found ended up being pretty interesting and fun!!

So, Challenge #2: I call this the Inspriation by Image Challenge - Use the image below - let it inspire you to make a fun card - what does it inspire you to create? Maybe the image triggers your idea, or the shapes, layout or colors - use whatever you want from the image and create your card!"

1 comment:

  1. How fun. I love this card...and how neat about the two lips=tulips....love it!


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