17 May 2009

Here is is a beautiful Sunday!

I did have a class scheduled.. but when I called last night no-one had signed up.
So, rather than drive 15 miles one way just to have 'me' time in the scrapbooking store (not a good place to be with no money) LOL
I am staying home.
I joined in on the VSN fun on Friday night.. first one ever for me!
I got 3 of the 4 projects done Firday night before I HAD to go to bed!
Right away Saturday morning I did the 4th.
Thankfully Dork Sisiter LAurie informed me of the time zone stuff, I didn't miss the first challenge posted for Saturday.. but couldn't start it as planned.
Clint wanted to go to town (Mora 15 miles West) we did a bit of grocery shopping, picked up his meds and then heard of a good buy at WalMart (22 miles SE of Mora but 14 miles South of home)
Okay so we run over there too! Ground Beef is $1 less there, so we bought a lot.
Pringles makes a "crisp" chip! Jalapeno! YUMMMY!
Got back home, but it all away .. I seasoned up a batch of meatballs, then some meatloaf, patties, and froze it all up. ALl Clint has to do is take it out the day I come home... so simple. Why hadn't I had this thought before! LOL

I got to log onto SCS around 6pm (6 hours late) I actually got 7 more projects doen before interrupted again! Oh well should go to bed anyhow it was 11 pm!

I had a visitor in The View.. a bird, he was about 8" tall gray body and black head. I have a bird feeder on a stump and he was just filling his face. It was nice to see.

I went out to feed everyone, Carmel was being odd, he does not like to be touched, but I keep trying. Well today he actually let me rub him long enough to get off alot of his winter coat. Then the booger tried to bite the top of my head! Baby Dogg came running to my rescue and snipped at him, so Carmel bit her too! Kinda funny! Guess ya had to be there.

After I got he lawn mower going for Clints dad, I cleaned up and worked on the Keeping Score Book, but I made it into a b'day book for Clints mom.
Kinda cute.

Well I need to try to get SCS to come up.. it just doesn't like me today! LOL I can't remember the last 2 challenges

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  1. Very nice cards Vikki! Someday I would like to join in on a VSN.


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